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BBB 2020: New target of the house, Babu asks for “female wall”


BBB 2020: New target of the house, Babu asks for “female wall”

Babu asks for “female wall” at BBB 2020 (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Babu and Philip are getting closer and closer in the BBB 2020, even more after Lucas' elimination, last Tuesday (18th). At yesterday's party, the two would then whisper and chat about the structure of a new wall.

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For the actor, who has become a new target inside the house, Gizelly is a good name. The two also talked about Pyong's strategies, who said that after Hadson, the next ones to leave would be Lucas and Felipe.

Exalted, the architect fired at his friend: “You don't want to take me out, come on! Am I not next? So come you and me! ”.

“He knows he has three possible votes: me, you and Bill”, said Babu, then. Felipe Prior then amended: “If I win the leader, I won't put him on.”

“You can put Gizelly. It has to be democratic, I want to see a female wall ”, pointed out the artist, who had fights with some sisters.

The architect, then, prophesied about his possible victory in this Thursday's test (20): “If I win the leader, I'll put Thelminha with us in the VIP”.

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