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BBB 2020: Gizelly reveals willingness to punch Flay in the face


BBB 2020: Gizelly reveals willingness to punch Flay in the face

BBB 2020: Gizelly reveals willingness to punch Flay in the face (Image: Reproduction / GloboPlay)

Apparently, the patience of Gizelly already exhausted in BBB 2020. Proof of this is that the sister, during conversation with Philip at dawn this Tuesday (28), complained about Flayslane.

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The lawyer, without speaking, said that she is no longer tolerating the fact that the paraibana pretends to be drunk in confinement.

“I wanted to punch her in the face”, fired the capixaba. The architect and urban planner also later condemned Flay's conduct.

“I can't stand her acting anymore. Nobody gets drunk with two beers, for God's sake ”, declared Felipe Prior.

Gizelly, it should be remembered, earlier in the week had already spoken ill of the singer. At the time, she did an analysis on the brunette's behavior. “Flay, neither the people in our group want her, nor the boys can take Flay any longer”, shot.

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