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BBB 20: Production of the reality show is the target of criticism: “Hunger is not entertainment”


BBB 20: Production of the reality show is the target of criticism: “Hunger is not entertainment”

Thelma, from ‘BBB 20’ – Playback: TV Globo

The social networks dawned this Tuesday (18), fervent because of the reality show of TV Globo, the ‘BBB 20’. Is that they were moved by the participant Thelma, who ended up in tears because he was starving at dawn.

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In a video that quickly went viral on Twitter, we can see the participant in tears claimed to be feeling very hungry. The subject, until the time of publication of this article, is the most commented in Brazil.

There, netizens are making a lot of criticisms of the program for leaving the participants of the group 'Xepa', with less food than the others: “Thelma has been in the shape for many weeks and woke up crying because she was hungry and had to exchange 3 packages of biscuits with Daniel for 1 egg. Crying because of hunger was never fun. Inhuman”, said an internet user.

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Another internet user, more concerned with the doctor's health, pointed out that when she arrived at the reality show, she was weighing 61 kilos. A month and a day later, she is 46: “This is inhumane. How is such a thing allowed, huh, Rede Globo? ”. Another asked for action: People Thelma crying at dawn because she was hungry. Someone needs to do something, this is inhumane. Fome is not entertainment, no”he commented.

Criticisms of ‘BBB 20‘Didn’t stop there: “Thelma wakes up crying because she is hungry, old man this is absolutely inhuman, look how many kg she has lost since the beginning of the program”, he stated.

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Even the director of the reality show did not escape: “It is no use“ listening ”to the public only when we ask you to send them a cooler with drinks, okay? HUNGER IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT. There are 13 people at Xepa, some of whom have a negative balance and a scrotum who gave NOTHING and eats the same or even more than those who gave ”.

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