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Barry meets Bloodwork in new photos of The Flash


Barry meets Bloodwork in new photos of The Flash

The first episode of the sixth season of The flash The story of Bloodwork has already started and although the next episode will focus on the impact of the Monitor warning on Barry's life, in the next chapter of the R seriesAmsey Rosso will finally cross her path with Barry Allen.

The new promotional photos for the episode entitled “Dead Man Running” They anticipate that Killer Frost will present Rosso and Barry. After all, Caitlin Snow was friends with Rosso in college.

For now it is unknown why Barry will seek the advice of the doctor, however, it is not difficult to speculate that it would probably have to do with the villain of the week.

Obviously, this encounter between Flash and Ramsey Rosso, who has already started his transformation to become Bloodwork, will begin to pave the confrontation between both that will end in an imminent battle before the Crisis.

On the other hand, the rest of the promotional photos show Barry, Iris, Cisco and Ralph on a birthday that apparently would be Killer Frost.

And something will happen there that will motivate Barry Allen to reflect on his life with Iris and Frost.

The third episode of the sixth season of The flash It will air on October 22 in the United States and its synopsis says:

“Prepare for a deadly party: Knowing that the Crisis is only a few weeks away, Barry prepares a member of the Flash Team for life without him while hunting a terrifying metahuman with an insatiable thirst. Meanwhile, Ralph discovers a family secret. ”

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