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Barbara Evans poses sexy in a bikini and details are revealed


Barbara Evans poses sexy in a bikini and details are revealed

Bárbara Evans poses sexy in a bikini and detail is revealed (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Barbara Evans it took his Instagram followers went crazy last Sunday (16) by sharing two beautiful photos in which he appears only in a bikini.

In the records, the former participant in the confinement reality A Fazenda appears making faces and mouths, propped on a glass door.

The blonde, who does not hide from anyone how much she tries to keep her body in shape, received in the post countless compliments from internet users.

There is no woman in this world more beautiful than you, I'm sure ”, fired a fan. “Unmatched beauty, too much cat !!!”, said another. “Goldfish daughter, mermaid is… Simply fabulous”, commented one more.

Even Monique Evans, Barbara's mother, decided to speak up in the post. The former model, in the comments field, ended up delivering that the clicks were made on the new property of the heiress.

It's healed! Beautiful!!! And I am very happy that you are in your little house… Congratulations, daughter ”, declared the presenter. Check it out below!

Álvaro Penerotti

Álvaro Penerotti he has always been very involved in everything that involves the world of TV and celebrities. With intense experience in the area of ​​journalism and social media, he has worked in radio and also in important communication vehicles on the web. It can be found on social networks through @AlvaroPenerotti.

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