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Band achieves good scores with Lacombe and Silvia Poppovic


Band achieves good scores with Lacombe and Silvia Poppovic

“Here in the Band” with Silvia Poppovic and Luís Ernesto Lacomba raises Band audience (Image: Divulgação / Band)

O “Here in the Band”, presented by Luís Ernesto Lacombe and Silvia Poppovic, won a good audience on the morning of Wednesday (14), according to data obtained in Greater São Paulo. THE Band, incidentally, also secured good ratings with the “Cine Club” featuring “A Place Called Notting Hill” (1999) with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

After “Café com Jornal” (0.4) and “Bora SP” (0.7), “Aqui na Band” reached 1.2 points. The numbers grew with the following attractions: 1.3 for the bulletin “#Informi” and 3.7 for the “Open Game” by Denílson and Renata Fan. “Os Owners of the Ball”, with star Neto, reached 3 on average.

The second edition of “#Informei” was 1.7 points, the same index as Cátia Fonseca's “Best of Afternoon”. “Brasil Urgente”, as always, captured the largest audience of the day: 4.8 in the national edition and 5.3 in the block shown only for São Paulo. The “Jornal da Band”, in turn, has amassed 4,6.

The soap opera “Ouro Verde”, however, failed to stay above 2 points, as it had been since the premiere last month. The plot was 1.4 average, below the “Jornal da Noite” (1.5) – shown in less prime time. The news was benefited by “Cine Clube”, with 2.3 points.

Duh Secco is “telemaniac” since childhood. In 2014, he created the blog “Vivo no Viva”, reflecting soap operas and other attractions of Canal Viva. He was hired by Globosat the following year. Join the team RD1 since 2016, as reporter and columnist. It is also on social networks and YouTube (@DuhSecco), always revering the history of TV and commenting on current productions.

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