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Bad working conditions would have been the key to Anthem's problems

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Bad working conditions would have been the key to Anthem's problems

The term “crunch“It is widely used in video game developers and refers to the extra hours that workers perform in a key period of completion of a project before its launch. It is not about one or two more hours a day, but that extensive additional periods that they check workers physically, emotionally and psychologically.

For example, after the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, statements emerged that pointed to weeks when developers worked up to 100 hours. Hence labor rights Y the treatment of video game companies towards their employees has been on the table in the last time. And the study BioWare, responsible of Anthem, now they receive the darts.

A report by Kotaku indicated that the problems of Anthem, a video game questioned since its launch, are related to poor working conditions in the studio. Based on anonymous statements, the publication indicated that those problems were also recorded in Dragon Age: Inquisition Y Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Although the developer has tried, through various communications, to minimize the bad reception of both specialized critics and gamers, as not a few argue that the game was released before being in good condition, the new criticism points to problems of the Frostbite game engine, used by the EA company, in addition to mismanagement of leaders and teams without sufficient workers.

In this scenario, the complaint indicates that Several Anthem developers had to receive extensive medical licenses, up to three months, and some did not even return to their jobs due to the conditions they had to face. The situation would have affected even the most experienced developers.

At the heart of the criticism is the “crunch culture” of the studios, who have adopted extensive overtime to meet the deadlines set based on the launching needs and economic objectives of the companies that publish the games. According to the Kotaku report, it was installed as a tradition within BioWare to start a slow development of video games and accelerate the march when the launch is almost over.

Through an official publication, BioWare denied the problems in the development of Anthem and explained that there were no complaints during the longer period of demand before the launch. “We put a lot of focus on better planning to avoid the” crunch time “and it was not an important issue in the feedback of our internal analysis,” they explained.

Although BioWare lambasted Kotaku, claiming that his report “does not make our industry and work any better”, criticisms against the study have led to comments that will not disappear so easily.

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