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Atala Sarmiento exhibits harassment of Ventaneando with tuit Ricardo Casares?


Atala Sarmiento exhibits harassment of Ventaneando with tuit Ricardo Casares?

A new conflict was registered in the world of entertainment when the case of bullying that supposedly living the exconductor of the program Selling, Atala Sarmiento.

The YouTuber Alejandro Zúñiga announced that Atala Sarmiento He declared in his social networks that he is a victim of bullying on the part of important personalities, this supposedly in reference to Pati Chapoy; a fact that remains in the plane of rumor.

It all began when the presenter Ricardo Casares published a message in which he invited to eliminate the anonymity, which caused that the cases of bullying and irresponsibility are triggered. To this statement he joined Atala Sarmiento.

Atala Sarmiento He said that there are also media and one or another 'colleague' who are frequent participants in the bullying.

The presenter lamented that there is no entity to regulate all the garbage that is invented in YouTube clips and hoped that one day there is an effective law that protects people from the bullying.

The video about what happened with Atala Sarmiento collected more than 8 thousand reproductions, 295 likes and different points of view in less than twelve hours.

For the moment Atala Sarmiento he has not spoken about it; however, the news portals will wait for the early declaration of the star on the subject of bullying who suffers in his daily life.

In a previous edition of The Net News it was said that Atala Sarmiento she seems to be upset with her ex-partners Selling, or with those who try to 'make a life of squares', because since they left the TV Azteca firm, they invent things about the artist.

By taking advantage of an exit with her husband, Atala Sarmiento He shared a recording on Instagram in which he saw himself with his 'lord' singing the melody 'It's better that way' by Cristian Castro and Reik.

In a moment of the song, Atala Sarmiento and her husband, David Ródenas, sang at the top of their lungs the phrase: 'go a lot to the chin …', as if sending a message to the detractors and Pati Chapoy, although this information was not confirmed.

What do you think about the struggle that lives Atala Sarmiento?

Photography: Instagram and YouTube

With information from Alejandro Zúñiga and La Neta News

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