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At 78, Roberto Carlos opens his heart about new relationship


At 78, Roberto Carlos opens his heart about new relationship

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So many emotions, animal! End of the year has arrived, and automatically we can remember raisins and… Roberto Carlos. The great singer is traditionally seen in December on the screen of Globe, carrying his special classic, in which he promotes emotions singing his greatest hits on national network.

This last Monday (2), for example, preparations have been made for the official release of his movie “Roberto Carlos in Jerusalem 3D”. Counting on numerous famous people, the project's pre-launch was held at Cine Odeon, in Rio de Janeiro, and of course, the King was a great presence on site. In a revealing chat with RedeTV! 'S “TV Fame” show, the singer commented on the show in Jerusalem, and implanted a true mystery by opening his heart about a new relationship.

+ Famous ones present at the premiere of Roberto Carlos's film

At the age of 78, the musician and composer, who of course conquered a generation in his time, revealed but spared details: “We're rehearsing”, summed it up. With the current moment of his career going through, as usual, a good phase, Roberto Carlos countered the rumors that his holiday special would not be produced this year on the screen of the Marinho family channel.

+ Roberto Carlos is thrilled to watch a 3D movie about him

“Nothing will be missing. Will have. I don't know why they got so confused ”, he said, running away from rumors. “The only difference is that the special was recorded on two tours. But in Curitiba we made the end of the special, which we should have done at Globo. There was a special, it was only recorded differently ”, explained.

+ Roberto Carlos is held by minister Sérgio Moro: “Day of reverence for the King”

For those who do not know, he has lived other novels in the past, being one of the best known with the singer Maysa, the socialite Silvia Amelia Nasturtium, granddaughter of the doctor and sanitarist Carlos Chagas and the actress Sonia Braga. In 1968, he married Cleonice Rossi, who died of cancer in 1990. In 1996, the singer married his former girlfriend, the educator Maria Rita Simões, who unfortunately died three years later.


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