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At 61 Marcelo Zlotogwiazda left us | DailyShow


At 61 Marcelo Zlotogwiazda left us | DailyShow

Journalism is in mourning. The colleague passed away yesterday Marcelo Zlotogwiazda who, precisely, had turned 61 on October 6. Affected by cancer, he did not give up an apex in his professional activity and continued until last week with his usual cycle (Challenge 20.19) on the screen of C5N.

In a voice broken by emotion, Gustavo Sylvestre He expressed the following testimony last night: “With the last breath he was here in the study, and he did the program last week. Yesterday (on Monday) he wanted to introduce himself and carry out the program, but the doctor forbade it. He died, at home, surrounded by his loved ones. Until always, Marcelo ”, highlighted with marked distress.

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As a way of signing his deepest professional convictions, and as we noted, Zlotogwiazda worked, practically, until the final sigh; precisely the
Monday wrote one of his usual columns on the portal Infobae on the debate among the presidential candidates held last Sunday in the city of Santa Fe.

Marcelo Zlotogwiazda belonged to the litter of young journalists who took private
brightness under the aegis of Jorge Lanata. In this regard, along with Ernesto Tenembaum, Reynaldo Sietecase Y María O'Donnell (who expressed their deep pain in the networks), expressed a search for research and a permanent critical look at power and its abuses and taught about a new way of doing journalism. He had also made part of his first forays into the “Without anesthesia” radio cycle with the conduct of Eduardo Aliverti.

Bachelor in economics, journalist, radio, television and writer, Marcelo Zlotogwiazda did not agree with any government and his preaching always traveled the path of the search for truth.

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As for his domestic world, Marcelo confessed a few years ago that he ran a minimum of four or five times a week, and that added some activity in the gym. “When I go running, I usually do it in Saavedra Park, because it is four blocks from my house. But I'm changing: sometimes I choose the collector of General Paz or Sarmiento Park and on Sundays, in general, which is when I make funds, I go by Figueroa Alcorta to Palermo ”, he detailed, although his addiction to the damn cigarette for many years affected, to some extent, his lung structure and, unfortunately,
He paid dear tribute to the integrity of his body.

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