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Arnaldo Saccomani is discharged from the hospital; know more


Arnaldo Saccomani is discharged from the hospital; know more

Arnaldo Saccomani – Reproduction: Instagram

Good news for fans and family of Arnaldo Saccomani! After suffering poorly on the last day 28, during the recordings of the Mouse Program, Saccomani was discharged.

After a series of tests, he was diagnosed with uremia, which is an excess of urea and creatine in the blood, and his state of health came to be considered serious. At the age of 69, the artist even had hemodialysis sessions due to a renal crisis.

Through social networks, Saccomani's daughter decided to reassure fans and followers about her father's two weeks of hospitalization. “My father was discharged on Tuesday and is already home. Thank you for caring”, she thanked.

In an official note, the SBT said that he will continue to take care of his health and will return to his activities at the right moment.

“He continues to recover without a return”, informed the station, that it opted to replace it by Thomas Roth, singer and musical producer

Rare disease and UTI

Mouse and Arnaldo Saccomani / Instagram
Mouse and Arnaldo Saccomani / Instagram

The music producer, Arnaldo Saccomani spent badly live during the 'Ten or Mil' picture of the Mouse Program at SBT.

At age 69, he has been admitted to the ICU since he was diagnosed with a rare disease. Saccomani, found that he is a carrier of Uremia, which is characterized by kidney deficiency, which does not filter the blood properly.

Symptoms of the disease are usually metallic taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea and mental confusion. Learn more details!

Vocalist and presenter leaves the ICU after three days internship

João Gordo / Instagram

After spending three days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the presenter and vocalist of the punk band 'Ratos e Porão', John Fat, is finally transferred to the bedroom, to the relief of family and fans.

João Gordo, who is currently 55 years old, was hospitalized with a condition defined as: 'double pneumonia, lack of oxygenation and oscillation of glucose'. Learn more details!

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