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Aquaman has already exceeded Wonder Woman's collection

Aquaman ya superó la recaudación de Wonder Woman


Aquaman has already exceeded Wonder Woman's collection

Add and follow Aquaman in his performance at the box office around the world. The most recent film by a DC superhero continues to raise a level higher than the rest of the movies in his movie universe.

Now THR reported that, with $ 822.9 million dollars, the film centered on Arthur Curry already exceeded the total collection of Wonder Woman. The film of the Amazon, in 2017, raised $ 821.8 million dollars and was considered a hit both critical and collection

The figure is not smaller, since not only Aquaman It takes less than a month in theaters, but that figure installs it as the second most successful film of the DCEU.

In addition, everything indicates that he will not have problems to snatch the seat of Batman v. Superman, which achieved $ 873.6 million in 2016, but which was far below expectations, since it was expected that the first film of the bat man and the man of steel would not have problems when it came to over one billion dollars.

For now the projections indicate that Aquaman will surpass without problems the 900 million dollars, but some specialists consider that it could surpass the barrier of the billions, something that a film of superheroes DC does not obtain from The Dark Knight Rises.

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