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Aquaman director's criticisms of the Oscar Awards


Aquaman director's criticisms of the Oscar Awards

'Aquaman' It premiered in December 2018 with great success at the box office. However, the director of the film, James Wan, is not very happy at all, because through social networks he expressed his nonconformity because the film is not nominated in the category of 'Best Special Effects' at the Oscars, which will be held on February 24.

After making a post on his Facebook, expressing that 'Aquaman' is a film “made with love, passion, sweat and tears of all involved”, his special effects supervisor, Kelvin McIlwain, he commented the 'post' saying that, “it was a great honor to be part of this creative effort and to work again with you. Thank you very much.”

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At this time, the Malaysian director took the opportunity to throw a taunt to the Academy to express his disagreement with her.

“Kelvin, you and your apartment are the forgotten heroes of this movie. That your companions of 'Special Effects in the Academy are not recognizing, nor appreciating your effort in this film and what you do for the cinema, is a fucking misfortune

According to Warner's synopsis, 'Aquaman' tells the origins of 'Arthur Curry', who will not only have to face his true identity, but also discover if he is worthy to become the leader of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, something for which he was born and for which, he will have to demonstrate his ability to defend the planet by Earth and water.

The film is starring the Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa.

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