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Apple will raise prices in India to maintain the connotation of “luxury”


Apple will raise prices in India to maintain the connotation of “luxury”

Apple is one of the brands we immediately associate with a specific price segment. In fact, few other companies mobile have a connotation so closely related to the market premium like the Cupertino technology and its iPhones. However, the price of these iOS smartphones will again rise in the Indian market.

Among the reasons cited is the reinforcement of Apple's perception as a company and luxury brand.

It is therefore necessary to consider the reasons which will lead to such a change. Thus, it is important to emphasize that India is the 2nd largest market in the world of smartphones, at the level of sales volume. In addition, it is also one of the few markets in the world that (yet) shows no signs of saturation or slowdown.

The importance of this market in the designs of Apple and its iPhone

Apple, after being overtaken by Huawei at the sales volume level in 2018, brand new ways of increasing its market share. However, we also see a more eager than ever for expensive devices. To the Xiaomi already noticed this fact.

According to this contextualization, we begin to understand the reasons behind this decision. Thus, as the EconomicTimes, the measure ends up being imbued with logic. Although one of Apple's largest construction partners is creating a new line and assembly in that country, the sale price will increase.

Apple iPhone XS Max smartphones iOS iPhones

More specifically, the Wistron, a manufacturer that has been authorized to build an assembly line in India. Something that will allow the company to bypass the heavy tax burden for companies that do not create jobs in that country and that are limited to importing products. Something that may lower the price of iPhones.

IOS smartphones are a luxury product

So, if Apple will bypass the tax burden imposed on imported products, by going on to produce several components in the country itself, why is the price going to increase? Well, instead of making iOS smartphones more accessible to the public, Apple will do just the opposite.

According to three high-level executives at Apple, the technology giant will implement a new strategy in India to clearly outline its purpose premium and connotation with the luxury segment. In other words, iPhones will be, more than ever, a dream of consumption and object of greed.

Apple iPhones iOS iPhone smartphones

The explicit factor was the exclusivity and luxury associated with an iPhone. In other words, a way of life associated with the use, fruition and possession of one of several iOS smartphones. A trend that did not go unnoticed to Apple executives, reflecting the reality of the Indian market.

So the iPhone is and will continue to be a luxury item. A select convenience and only within reach of some who, when having one of these iOS devices, belong to a more comfortable and privileged position of the society of that populous country.

In short, the iPhone will be more expensive and Apple knows that it will make it even more appealing.

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