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Anitta comments on rumors about being quarrelsome and controversial with Ludmilla over “Different Wave”


Anitta comments on rumors about being quarrelsome and controversial with Ludmilla over “Different Wave”

Anitta (Playback / Internet)

After the controversy with Ludmilla Because of the song “Onda Diferente”, Anitta finally spoke to the press about the controversy. In a long interview with Uol, the owner of “Downtown” talked about various issues of her career and life, but what the public really wants to know is about bullshit.

For those unaware of this, Anitta and Ludmilla have a partnership called “Onda Diferente”, which is Ludmilla's composition, but Anitta was also credited as a songwriter and apparently the original songwriter didn't know and was disgusted to learn. According to Leo Dias, singer Ludmilla was possessed to learn that Anitta was also credited as a songwriter for OD and made several curses to her former friend.

In this story Anitta preferred not to attack Ludmilla and in the interview she said that there was a failure in communication, which ended up generating the bullshit between them, it seems she is ready to make peace with Lud and says she did not fight with anyone and that for she can even roll another partnership between them: “I have no reason for that not to happen. I didn't fight with anyone. Everything is right for me. I sing. It's all great. ”

Anitta also commented in general on his other bullshit: “All human beings have their quarrel or complications from relationships with anyone, whether at work or in personal life. The problem is that I am a public person and people obviously always emphasize the negative parts more than the positive ones. It is impossible for a human being to have never fought with anyone. Anyone reading this interview has had a fight with someone. It may have already solved or may not have resolved and things change. If it happens in the family, it won't happen at work? There are so many people that I collaborated with and I am still friends like Projota, J Balvin, Kevinho, Nego do Borel, Maluma, Jojo Todynho, Harmonia do Samba and so many other artists that I have partnered with and keep to this day. But people will emphasize gradually that some misunderstanding has happened. ”

For those who do not remember, there have been rumors in the media that Anitta fucked with Maluma, Simone and Simaria, Iggy Azalea and now with Ludmilla and outside the music world has a supposed bullshit with Bruna Marquezine because of Neymar and the public bullshit with Leo Days, when the two stopped talking.

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