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And privacy? Facebook asked e-mail password for new users


And privacy? Facebook asked e-mail password for new users

The changes in Facebook are, according to its creator, in order to increase security and privacy. This seems to be the right way, but apparently is not what is being followed by the largest social network.

Reports now coming to the public give an account of a new measure that has been applied. Facebook has been asking for the email password of new users who have created an account on this network.

It does not seem to be a logical measure or even a safe practice, but Facebook has again compromised users. For some time, who registered was obliged to provide one of the most private data that can be had.

Facebook was asking for the email password

The reports are clear and note that Facebook was requesting access to the new users' email account without any explanation being given. The only present information indicated that this data was necessary to confirm the indicated e-mail address.

Apparently, and little to be confirmed, this was a situation that only happened in some email addresses. Service accounts like Gmail, or other better known ones were not being covered by this request.

The social network has already dealt with the privacy of users

After confronting this issue, Facebook came to the public to recognize it and indicate that it was not already active. The company also clarified that these requests were limited to a limited group of users in email services that are not supported by OAuth.

This protocol allows the validation of email addresses without access to the account. Thus, these data were needed. Facebook also ensured above all that these data were not stored or accessed by any employee of the company.

After all the privacy issues that Facebook has had, this is one more that does not pay in favor of the network. There are too many consecutive problems and all of great insecurity. Mark Zuckerberg has come to redefine the company's policies, but apparently it takes time to implement them.
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