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Alberto takes revenge on Diogo and will brutally beat the villain: 'Canalha'


Alberto takes revenge on Diogo and will brutally beat the villain: 'Canalha'

The soap opera Bom Sucesso is a true audience phenomenon at seven o'clock in Globo. In the next chapters, Alberto, character of Antonio Fagundes must finally take revenge on Diogo (Armando Babaioff). After the lawyer blackmails the bookseller to get rid of Paloma (Grazi Massafera), it will be his turn to turn the life of Nana's husband (Fabiola Nascimento) into a tremendous inferno.

According to a speculative video about the plot, Alberto will wait hidden for Diogo to return home after Paloma is already back at the mansion. The businessman, who once was dying, must take strength from beyond to beat the lawyer.

He will surprise Diogo with his cane and give the villain a lot of blows while shouting that he is a great “scoundrel”. The scenes should make the audience go crazy, as Diogo has tormented the entrepreneur's life in every way possible. In addition, Alberto tries to convince his daughter to file for a divorce from Diogo and says that the lawyer is actually trying to destroy the happiness of everyone in his family. Nana, however, must be resistant to the idea even though she is pregnant with another.

See below the speculative video about the plot, which is giving something to talk about on social networks; Will Alberto receive anything in return after beating his cane at Diogo?

Remember that the sequences of the leaflet have not yet been confirmed by Globo. With that, a lot can happen to the final stretch, including a possible twist on the bookseller and his son-in-law's relationship, which isn't worth a penny.

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