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After Suicide, Raul Gil mourns the death of Yasmim Gabrielle


After Suicide, Raul Gil mourns the death of Yasmim Gabrielle

Raul Gil cries death of / SBT

Very excited, Raul Gil talked about the death of his former junior freshman, Yasmin Gabrielle, in his program this Saturday (27), in the SBT. The girl committed suicide last Sunday (21).

With a choked voice, the presenter said: “It was news that broke me. The death of Yasmin Gabrielle, I do not know what was the reason, she came to commit suicide, at age 17, no one knows why it says it was depression, but only God who knows and she“.

You know what I regret, a 17 year old girl doing that. Because she did not come and talk to us, because she did not come to talk to me, with a priest, a psychologist, a nun, a pastor, but she did not get to a point in that “, said Raul with tears in his eyes, then calling a video of the best moments of Yasmin in his program.

As soon as the homage ended, the presenter concluded:Very sad, but as the saying goes the show continues and the show can not stop“.

Yasmim Gabrielle was known for her musical performances in the “Raul Gil Program” at SBT.

+ Yasmim Gabrielle, from the Raul Gil Program, commits suicide after depression

Raul Gil Jr. regrets death of ex-caloura

Yasmim Gabrielle – Play / YouTube

Raul Gil Jr., the son of the presenter Raul Gil, spoke about the loss of the girl through his Instagram: “Unfortunately this morning we lost our Yasmin Gabrielle. Depression is a disease that is killing our children. May Jesus receive her with love and may she find peace. Very sad”.

+ Joelma regrets suicide by Yasmin Gabrielle

Before the suicide, Yasmim Gabrielle had great loss

Yasmin's last appearance on the big screen was in mid-2017, where she made a special guest appearance on the show where she was often seen on SBT afternoons. There, she recalled her performances, and reviewed the exciting trajectory of her mother, who died in mid-2012. Yasmin also lost her brother and was living with her father … .Learn more!

+ Mara Maravilha makes a statement about suicide by Yasmin Gabrielle

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