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After speculation ends with Natasha Dantas, Bonner surprises on JN bench


After speculation ends with Natasha Dantas, Bonner surprises on JN bench

William Bonner / Instagram

It was reported in the Vip Area, on the last 18th, that the anchor of Jornal Nacional William Bonner, signaled that your marriage to Natasha Dantas would have come to an end! This is because both deleted the social networks and all photos of the couple were consequently deleted.

Faced with this news that took over the web and news outlets, William caused a huge surprise to viewers on the night of Monday (19), when he appeared on the counter of Rede Globo's nightly newspaper.

The journalist put a stop to the rumors of a possible separation as it came with the wedding ring on his finger. Remember that he and Natasha were married in mid-September last year.

In addition to displaying and even waving his hand at the alliance, he also commented on fake news, further increasing the certainty that it was all just rumors: “Sometimes we get the feeling that the world is going backwards,” he fired.

Check out the photo of the journalist with the alliance:

Bonner appears in alliance
Bonner appears in alliance (Reproduction / Globe)

On twitter, Bonner's statement gained huge repercussion and several netizens did not fail to notice in the journalist's speech.

Understand the controversy

William Bonner and Natasha Dantas – Reproduction

As you reader of Vip area has been following closely, William Bonner has taken some radical action in recent days, and this week has surprised its fans with the decision to delete all of their social networks.

He, married since mid-September last year with Natasha Dantas,caused controversy and divided the opinion of netizens when making the announcement. However, what also came to the attention was that as well as the husband, the physiotherapist and wife… Check out the publication!

Check out the publication:


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