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After fame, Anitta's brother leaves church and takes action at the wedding


After fame, Anitta's brother leaves church and takes action at the wedding

Anitta and her new brother (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

It seems that fame brought more changes than the family of the new brother of Anitta expected. Proof of this is that Felipe Terra, who recently discovered to be the son of the singer's father, has already left the church he attended.

According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, however, this was just one of the attitudes that surprised those closest to her. In addition, he would be facing a crisis in his marriage to Talita Vicente.

The situation would be so complicated that the couple would have stopped following each other on social networks, making the rumors of separation getting stronger and stronger. The attitude, of course, generated controversy.

At the time of the discovery, the singer made a point of saying that she respected the boy's religion, since he was a deacon in the Assembly of God Christian Church. Now, according to the publication, Felipe doesn't even attend services anymore.

As soon as they gained fame, he and his family tried to avoid overexposure, with closed profiles on Instagram, but they got used to it and, months later, started to appear more often.

Mauro started to attend his sister's and other famous shows, even posting photos with artists like Thiaguinho, of whom he was a fan since the time of Globo's Fama program, in the early 2000s.

It is worth remembering that Felipe and Talita are the parents of little Letícia, eight years old, very dear to Anitta.

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