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After controversy with Luisa Mell, Grazi Massafera deletes photo with animals


After controversy with Luisa Mell, Grazi Massafera deletes photo with animals

Luisa Mell and Grazi Massafera – Instagram / Reproduction

This Tuesday morning (28), the activist Luisa Mell made a text criticizing the actors Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera. The couple are in Africa and are sharing everything about the trip on social media.

Both Grazi and Caio posted pictures with feline puppies, from that, the controversy of the day began. Luisa Mell decided to make an outburst saying that the animals with which the boyfriends posed for the photos are mistreated to serve as entertainment.

+ Luisa Mell attracts Grazi Massafera's attention after photo with feline puppies

“The couple @massafera @caiocastro posted pictures of their vacation with cuddles of wild animals. Soon the public and other artists liked it, commented that they want to do the same !!!!!! To my despair and that of anyone who really respects animals! Certainly Grazi and Caio n have an idea of ​​the horror they are funding and promoting! ”, wrote the animal advocate at the beginning of the text.

+ Luisa Mell sparks conversation of BBB 20 participants: Unbelievable and unacceptable

“The puppies are taken from their mothers for tourists to take selfies !!!! To be used as toys! You know I came back from Africa a week ago. I was invited exactly by those who fight these atrocities! ”, continued Luisa.

With the declaration of the activist, Grazi Massafera decided to delete all records with the kittens. However, Caio Castro chose to leave the photo he posted today on Instagram.

The actors did not comment on the situation. In Caio Castro's publication, some internet users demand a positioning of the actor. “Stop financing these evils !!! The puppies were taken from their mother !!! Did you want someone to take your child from you to become a park attraction and take a selfie ???? Do me a favor!!!! Be a good example and not a bad one !! ”, wrote an internet user.


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