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After commemorative tour, Sandy and Junior win series at Globoplay


After commemorative tour, Sandy and Junior win series at Globoplay

Sandy and Junior will have story told in series (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

Sandy and Junior They are ending the year with a positive balance in their respective careers. In addition to the success of the Our History tour, probably a special one on Globo and an unpublished DVD, there will be even more news on Globoplay.

Globo's streaming app has announced that it will air a seven-episode documentary series about their career. “The most successful and emblematic pop music duo in Brazil“Announced the app.

The series is produced by Gogacine and will feature rare images from Sandy and Junior's personal archive, from early career to the commemorative tour, with recent and unpublished testimonials from both of them in 2019.

Sandy and Junior gave up the promotion of the tour on other TV stations and just made appearances only on Globo, in programs such as Cauldron Huck and Altas Horas, which even would have made Fausto Silva upset.

According to an official statement, the episodes will not be composed by the story of the duo in linear form, but will show remarkable moments of their artistic life, with reports of all the family, friends and professionals involved.

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Sandy and Junior go to Domingão do Faustão

Sandy and Junior participated in Domingão do Faustão and remembered the hits that marked the 30 years of his career. At the attraction, the brothers acknowledged that they had a privileged formation and thanked their parents for their education.

As much as we are very aware that, in the country in which we live, the kind of life we ​​have is very privileged, it is far from the average Brazilian standard. We are very aware of this, so it was very important that our parents were on our side, putting our feet on the ground“Said Junior.

And making it very clear that we get off the stage, with all those lights, and back there life is exactly the same as everyone else's. You get sick, you have to get in line. Not wanting to be privileged. Do you have a queue? So there is a queue for everyone“He commented.

It made a lot of difference for us to keep our feet on the ground with the very crazy life we ​​had. I am very grateful, and I know she too, to our parents“, Completed the singer.

Sandy agreed with the speech:It was to help us preserve our childhood, our adolescence. And even make sure we had a personal life, live the normal things of teenagers, children. That was very important to us. The family was always very close, and we could always count on people who really loved us and weren't there for any kind of interest.“.

The singer even thanked her brother for working with the tour. “I want to thank my brother who is my partner at this moment again and thank him for having lived with me this chapter of our story.“, she said.

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