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A glitch allows us to face two Mr. X in Resident Evil 2

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A glitch allows us to face two Mr. X in Resident Evil 2

12 FEB 2019 / Video game

As if one did not give us enough problems, we can add an additional biological weapon thanks to a quite complex error to activate.

The fearsome Mr. X is possibly the creature that has given us the most problems and scares in Resident Evil 2, given its resistance to bullets and its powerful blows. But if we believed that one was enough, imagine yourself with two.

The YouTuber Dan The Hitman showed in a video the presence of a glitch that causes two to be Mr. X that give us problems. In it, he showed the various and complex steps that must be taken so that the biological weapons pair goes into action.

Recently, the YouTube Boundary Break program revealed that Mr X. is always patrolling the area of ​​the police station, without necessarily appearing only when it should. This generates that there are two of its versions within the game: the one that marauds and the one that It arrives at specific moments.

With this glitch, we can make both end up appearing in the same place, giving us twice the fear of such a technical and numerical disadvantage.

It is expected that Capcom do not develop a patch to correct this programming error, since, for tedious that it may turn out to activateIt is a good experience for those who want to feel even more pressured when facing them or fleeing.

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