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A better look at Ravager's outfit for the next episodes of Titans


A better look at Ravager's outfit for the next episodes of Titans

Only a couple of chapters remain for the second season of Titans It comes to an end and although a third cycle of the series is already assured there are still several things in the pipeline for the current delivery.

Beyond the expected debut of Dick Gryason as Nightwing, one of the most anticipated points of the final stretch of the second season of Titans It is the presentation of the characters with their respective vigilante costumes.

In that sense, while it is still unclear whether we will see Beast Boy with a new outfit or if Starfire will finally wear the suit that appeared at the original end of the first season, a new photo of the next episode officially presents Rose Wilson as Ravager.

Of course, the appearance of Ravager's suit had been brought forward thanks to some leaked photos, however, this approach is clearer and confirms that Rose's suit will take several elements in terms of texture and design of her father's outfit, Deathstroke.

This photo corresponds to episode 12 of the second season of Titans to be titled “Faux-Hawk” and although specific details about the plot of that episode are not yet known, it is necessary to remember that the season finale of the series face the Titans with Deathstroke, so probably the penultimate chapter will be dedicated to preparing the way for that confrontation.

Titans releases new episodes every Friday in the United States, but the second season has not yet set a date for its Latin American debut.

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