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5 services to send and share “gigas and gigas” data (2)


5 services to send and share “gigas and gigas” data (2)

We all produce immense information, great qualities of files with considerable weight and we often want to share with someone. We easily “produce” gigas of images and video and sometimes it is common to have heavy documents that we want to send to someone.

After presenting the 5 first services for file sharing, today we suggest 5 more good free services to share and send data online.

# 6 – SAPO Transfer

O SAPO Transfer is an online file transfer service that allows you to send files up to 3GB in a fast, intuitive, totally free and unregistered way. The files are available for download for 7 days.

Access to SAPO Transfer does not require registration or authentication, simply click on “send files”, choose the file or files to send, add the e-mail address of one or more recipients and select “send”.

# 7 – Firefox Send

This service, created by Mozilla, allows you to send files up to 2.5 GB in a secure and free way. However, it is worth knowing that they destroy themselves when X downloads are made or after a maximum of 7 days, if it has not been downloaded, even though the user (sender) can take the initiative to delete it.

  • Price: Free
  • Limit: 2.5GB
  • Price plan: Not
  • Link: Firefox Send

# 8 – Transfer Now

TransferNow is a secure platform for sending and sharing photos, videos, music and personal and professional documents. Allows you to share files or folders and send them directly to the email. It is free to send up to 4GB of information with a limit of 250 files. Up to 5 transfers per day can be made up to 20 recipients per transfer.

  • Price: Free
  • Limit: 4GB / 250 files
  • Price plan: Yes
  • Link: TransferNow

# 9 – FileMail

FileMail is another service featured in this service segment that allows you to share “gigas and gigas” of information. Currently, this service allows you to send up to 50 GB quickly, easily and safely. Through the interface, the user can add files or folders.

Also available is Filemail Desktop, a tool for your desktop, which allows for faster uploads. Like the other services presented, with FileMail, the files are available for 7 days.

# 10 – SendSpace

Finally, this list of interesting file-sharing services highlights the popular SendSpace. This service works much like the previous ones despite having a very limited file upload limit … only 300 MB. In contrast, the files can be kept up to 30 days.

What is your favorite service in this segment?

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